Athlete Highlight: Lydia Morris-Kliment ʼ23

By Ondine Goedhuis

Lydia Morris-Kliment ʼ23 is on the Winsor varsity soccer, basketball and track teams, and is a captain of all three of her sports. Last spring, Winsor Varsity Track won their sixth straight EIL (Eastern Independent League) championship. Morris-Kliment broke the EIL meet record in discus with a throw of 112 feet and 9 inches and the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.85 seconds. She also won the EIL Athlete of the Year for her track accomplishments. The Banner is so lucky to have been able to sit down with her to ask some questions about her experience as an athlete at Winsor! 

When did you start soccer, basketball, and track?

I started soccer when I was three or four, so that’s the sport I’ve been playing the longest. I started basketball very late; I played for my lower school team in eighth grade, and then just practiced a lot over the summer in between my eighth and freshmen year before trying out. I had done middle school track, but I really started sophomore spring. Track has been my main focus for the past two years. 

How important are athletics to your experience at Winsor, and how do you manage balancing your sports with academics?

Sports have been an integral part of my experience at Winsor. I cannot imagine coming here and not having practice after school. As a new freshman, sports allowed me to meet seniors and upperclassmen and find a set community. Also, simply going to practice and moving my body has enabled me to do my homework with increased productivity at home. I think with balancing the workload–especially, for example, during junior fall when I was playing soccer and running track–it becomes about communication with your advisor and letting them know if you cannot get an assignment in. It’s manageable, but it requires a lot of awareness of where you are mentally and making sure that you are in tune with how your body is feeling. 

Favorite memory from this basketball season?

I would say the Portsmouth Abbey win. We won two times, but the second game was away, and we were at a deficit of about 14. We came back and won in the last couple of minutes by sticking together and playing as a unit. 

What are you looking forward to about track in the spring?

I think we have a large team in which every person wants to be there and that kind of comradery is really fun to be around. I’m looking forward to getting better, to reaching some personal bests, and helping my teammates reach their personal bests. I am excited to put up some records!
Thank you to Morris-Kliment for taking the time for this interview! The Banner wishes her the best of luck in the upcoming track season!