Waste Management During the Holiday Season

By Zoe Vittori-Koch, Annie Fisher, and Aidan Lee For many, mounds of wrapping paper and endless food leftovers have become as much a staple of the holiday season as any other seasonal tradition. A Stanford University question and answer article stated that “Americans throw away 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday …

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Affirmative Action Supreme Court Case

By Nika Bigelow and Ezra Lee Recent admission cycles for the first-year class at Harvard College yielded 60,000+ applicants, competing for only ~2,000 coveted spots. When evaluating these tens of thousands of hopeful Harvard scholars, most of whom are academically qualified for acceptance into the university, the college needs to consider other factors, other than …

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Allow Me to Share a Nugget of Wisdom… Pun Not In-Tendered

By Natalie Pan I have been a pescetarian for several months now, and even as a former meat lover, the transition has been easier than I imagined. However, there has been one craving I have not been able to shake… the chicken nugget.  Luckily, many companies have begun producing plant-based chicken nuggets that are vegan-friendly. …

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