Fall Concert Review

By Kelly Chen

The assembly was packed to the brim for the first concert of the year, the Fall Concert, which also marked Ms. Taillacq’s 35th year at Winsor. Lower School Descants opened with “Shenandoah,” arranged by Jeff Funk, and “I Hear Sweet Music,” by Andrea Klouse. Sophie Ruehr ’14 commented, “As always, I was amazed by the incredible musical capabilities of the Lower Schoolers!”

The Upper School part of the concert began with performances of “Si njay nay njay,” a Zulu folksong, with Ailyn Rivera ’15 and Taylor ’15 on the drums, and “Sing When the Spirit Says sing.” Small Chorus, accompanied by Ms. Brady on percussion, sang “Cape Breton Lullaby,” by Kenneth Leslie, “Ode to Joy,” by Beethoven, and “Joyful, Joyful,” by Beethoven, with Lena Afeyan ’13 and Caiana Luse ’14 as soloists.

The undeniable highlight of the concert was Senior Small, made of nine girls this year. They began with “So Hard to Say Goodbye,” as popularized by Boyz II Men, with Ellie Bridge and Lena Afeyan ’13 performing as soloists. Next, they sang “Fix You,” by Coldplay. Meilyn Huq ’13, Corinne Candilis ’13, Jenny Walsh ’13, Michaela Morrow ’13, Lena Afeyan ’13, and Ellie Bridge ’13 each performed as soloists. As their last notes tapered to a close, everyone broke out in applause and standing ovations. Corrine Candilis ’13 commented after the concert,“We somehow managed to sing without looking nervous which was a huge relief.”

Despite an early scheduling of the concert, leaving less time to practice, and several Senior Small members being down with colds and sore throats, Ms. Taillacq commented, “Hats off to all of our singers and musicians for their first performance! A special shoutout to Senior Small!”, a fitting kickoff to her 35th year!

 (see Online Content for videos of the performances)