Smaller Compost Bins with Larger Environmental Benefits

By Liana Min and Kelly Yin On Halloween, the Winsor dining hall made a radical decision. The wooden trash can holder disappeared, replaced by six buckets. The buckets labeled “Slush” are intended for liquid waste from lunch: soup, tea, coffee, miscellaneous flavored waters. The buckets labeled “Compost” are for food waste from sandwich crusts to …

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Winsor’s Inaugural Action Research Cohort

By Gia Bharadwaj and Natasha Dalziel  The Banner is excited to announce the commencement of Winsor’s first action research cohort, or W.A.R.C.! Denise Labieniec, a scientist and institutional researcher, introduced this cohort to the Upper School in September 2022 after years of wanting to bring an action research opportunity to Winsor. The cohort’s advisors, Ms. …

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