Big Stars in Boston

By Giovanna De Vito

Ever heard of the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball? Have you heard stories from the “+” Ed Sheeran tour and “Believe” Justin Bieber tour? Looking forward to the “Take Me Home” One Direction or “Red” Taylor Swift tours? So is Winsor! Some huge names in the music industry are stopping by Boston to give concerts within the next year, and with them they bring the frenzy of their various dedicated fans, several of whom happen to be students at the Winsor School. Some of these concerts have already taken place, and Justin Bieber fan Karina Singhal ’16 had nothing but compliments for the eighteen year old pop sensation, commenting that his recent Believe concert in Boston was “amazing! [Justin Bieber] was flawless and the set and lights were so cool. He’s such a talented dancer, too!”
The Winsor community was recently asked which artists they were most eager to have in Boston, and over three hundred responses were received. Swifties (the term used to reference fans of Taylor Swift), seem to make up a lot of the Winsor student body, as country-pop star Taylor Swift pulled out on top claiming seventeen percent of votes. Swift’s runner-up, British-Irish boy band One Direction, finished in close second with a respectable ten percent of all votes. The second place doesn’t seem to stifle the excitement of One Direction fans, displayed by directioner (the term used for fans of the boy band) Elizabeth Roe ‘16 can’t believe she scored tickets for summer 2013’s One Direction concert, and gushes “I’m super psyched for the One Direction concert! This will be my first time seeing them live, and I’m really glad that I have tickets.”
Even though individual concerts by artists are exciting, big events that Boston hosts such as the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball and the Monster Jam bring several artists at once to the Boston area. This year’s Jingle Ball will include stars such as Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and the Wanted, to name a few. Since all these big stars are coming to Boston, the Winsor School is buzzing with excitement, and the girls can’t wait for their idols to be in their city!