Sweep Away the Cobwebs- It is Curling Time

WINSOR_2112__006By Kelly Chen

What do you get with sixteen heavy stones with handles on them, brooms, and two target circles on a sheet of ice? Curling. Add two teams of three or four, and you have yourself a curling match. This year, seven girls make up Winsor’s curling team. Returning are Pavlina Karafilis ’13, Carol Renneburg ’13, Cheryl Hagan ’13, and Kelly Chen ’13. Joining this year are Meilyn Huq ’13 and Chelsea Cherenfant ’13. Unlike last season, when there were two teams of four, this season, there will be two teams of three individuals. As in past years, Mr. Wonoski, Director of Building and Grounds, brings the girls to the Country Club in Brookline on Tuesdays and Thursdays where they play against other teams such as Brookline High, the British School of Boston, and Southfield. Additionally, as co-captain Carol Renneburg ’13 explained, “As always, our team is planning to participate in the season-long tournament at the country club.”
When asked about her hopes for the upcoming season, co-captain Pavlina Karafilis ’13 said, “We look forward to improving our sweeping intensity, learning new strategies and tactics for positioning and aiming stones in the house, and solidifying our current skills and teaching any newcomers!” For their first season of curling, Cherenfant ’13 added, “I can’t wait until I stop falling on the ice”, and Huq ’13 chimed in, “I’m very excited to bond with the other curlers!” Returning member Hagan ’13 agreed, “Not only are you learning a new sport and hanging with friends, but you also are meeting and interacting with people from other schools.” Winsor’s team definitely enjoys their unusual sport.