Battle of the Burritos: Who Will Triumph?

Chipotle-by Sophie Cyker-  Picture yourself leaving Winsor after a long sports practice, a tough science exam, or just an average eight-hour school day. You cannot bring yourself to walk very far, but you still have a craving for one thing and one thing only: a burrito. Luckily, Winsor’s campus is less than a mile away from several burrito joints to satisfy your hunger. However, how will you decide which restaurant is right for you? As a Boston burrito connoisseur, I have assembled a short review of three of the city’s most popular burrito stores to guide others in their pursuit of the perfect wrap of heaven.

Boloco: My personal favorite, Boloco, an acronym for “Boston Local Company,” has been a fixture in Boston burrito-making since 1996. Serving burritos, wraps, and smoothies, Boloco prides itself on both international cuisine and environmental responsibility. Boloco does not just serve burritos, it serves wraps inspired by the cuisines of India, Japan, and even Israel; the company also uses only naturally-raised meats and eggs from free-range chickens for all its  meat and poultry. Offered both pre-designed wraps and a “Goloco” make-your-own option, customers can either stick to one constant choice or mix it up on each visit.

Pros: The “Boloco rice,” a blend of white rice and cilantro; the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Cons: Making your own burrito can get very expensive very quickly.

Insider Tricks: Boloco calls their largest size an “Original” and their medium size a “Small.” This applies for everything: burritos, bowls, and drinks. Double-check to make sure you are ordering the amount that you want to eat and pay for!

283 Longwood Ave., Boston; additional locations

Chipotle: A national leader on the burrito scene, Chipotle has spread across the country to Boston from its roots in Denver, Colorado. Chipotle offers a more typical Mexican menu than Boloco, serving crispy and soft tacos in addition to burritos and burrito bowls (all the fillings without the tortilla). Despite being an international company with more than 1,500 locations worldwide, Chipotle maintains a commitment to its consumers’ health by using all-organic ingredients. When you order, you then proceed down a line of fillings as an employee assembles your burrito and you watch.

Pros: The guacamole is seriously amazing.

Cons: The burritos are massive and sometimes difficult to eat. Also, Chipotle does not have size options, so you are guaranteed a large meal.

Insider Tricks: Chipotle guarantees up to two free tortillas with any order. You can save money and have “make your own tacos” by ordering a burrito bowl and some free tortillas.

148 Brookline Ave., Boston; additional locations

Anna’s Taqueria: For the most authentic burrito experience, go to Anna’s. A small chain with only six locations (all in the Boston area), Anna’s Taqueria serves four core items: burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and Mexican plates. As at Chipotle, the burritos are made in an assembly-line format, so if any mistakes are made you can quickly correct them. Eating at Anna’s feels more like eating at a Mexican restaurant, as it also sells Jarritos and other Mexican drinks. Though it does not have as broad a menu as the other restaurants, its simple burritos are just as delicious. Also, something about the way they are wrapped makes them the neatest burritos to eat on the go, which is a necessity given Winsor girls’ busy schedules.

Pros: The lemonade.

Cons: Not as many options for fillings as the other places.

Insider Secrets: For all Winsor Spanish students: the employees really like when you order in Spanish. Sometimes this can get you free chips or a discounted burrito.

446 Harvard St. & 1412 Beacon St., Brookline; 242 Cambridge St., Boston; additional locations.