How Well Do You Know Your Teachers?

-By Sea-Jay van der Ploeg-

1. Ms. Beebe, Lower School English

 2. Ms. Brown, Lower and Upper School Latin

 3. Ms. Calamari, Lower School Art

 4. Mr. Cohee, Lower and Upper School Latin

 5. Ms. Dindorf, Lower School French

 6. Mr. Johnson, Lower and Upper School Drama

 7. Mr. Lambert, Lower and Upper School Visual Arts and Photography

 8. Mr. Lamontagne, Lower and Upper School Spanish

 9. Ms. McIntosh, AP Biology and AP Environmental Science

 10. Ms. Otsuki, Upper School English

 11. Ms. Starr, Instructional Technology Coordinator

A. I learned Japanese as my first language.

B. In college, I lived in the tower room of a 14th Century castle in the Netherlands for a semester, and I studied Tai Chi, French clowning, and art history.

C. I used to have two pet goats, named Cinnamon and Tammy.

D. I have a strange fear of pool drains.

E. I studied ceramics in Japan for a year with a master, and I learned to play a musical instrument in Thailand.

F. I have climbed Machu Picchu five times.

G. I spent two exciting weeks with my family in Kenya this summer; while I was there, I learned about Africa’s incredible wildlife and about the country’s efforts to preserve animals, land, and culture.

H. I played field hockey for Baltimore.

I. I am a silver/goldsmith, and I make all of my own jewelry.

J. I enjoy working with stained glass.

K. I study a traditional defense/meditation art called Boabom (pronunciation: think of a big snake blowing up).

A10, B6, C3, D11, E5, F7, G1, H9, I2, J8, K4