UTL Game Results

Monday, October 7

Mid 2 Field Hockey
Winsor Mid 2 Field Hockey team started off Spirit Week on a high note with a victory! The game against Lexington Christian Academy was Winsor Mid 2’s first victory of the season and its first home game, so the girls were excited to have the chance to play in front of a crowd of friends and family. When LCA did not have enough players to field a team, the Wildcats demonstrated great sportsmanship when two members of Class III volunteered to play with LCA for the entire game. Throughout the season, head coach Ms. Huntoon has been working to facilitate great sportsmanship and teamwork while developing the girls’ stick skills and passing. All of the team’s hard work and dedication certainly paid off on Monday with a final score of 3-0!
-Elizabeth Roe

Tuesday, October 8

Mid 1 Soccer
Mid 1 soccer crushed Lexington Christian Academy in their UTL game on Tuesday, finishing with an impressive score of 8-0. “The team had great talking and passing, and we worked as a whole to achieve the win,” say Madison Lehan ’18 and Alessandra Devito ’18. The team’s victory was fueled by excellent corner kicks and shots aimed at the corners of the goals. All players should be very pleased with their impressive UTL performance.
-Claudia Forrester

Wednesday, October 9Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.34.21 AM

Mid 1 Field Hockey
Mid 1 field hockey has held an undefeated record going on four years, and their UTL game continued this streak.  The team secured a hard-fought 1-0 win in the fast-paced game against Lexington Christian Academy on October 9, with co-captain Babette Kania ’18 scoring the winning goal in the beginning of the second half.  We wish Mid 1 luck in their future games this season!
-Helen Sayegh

Thursday, October 10

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.19.15 AMJV Field Hockey
On Thursday, October 10, the Winsor junior varsity field hockey team faced off against NCDS. Despite chilly weather and a late start time, team parents, classmates, and Winsor faculty alike showed their UTL spirit–even on a Thursday! The JV field hockey team, which has gone undefeated so far this season, found NCDS a formidable opponent; from the first seconds of the game, it was clear the Newton girls would not go down without a fight. Winsor’s players demonstrated their skills, including quick pulls, transfer passes, and effective corner plays, throughout the game, scoring on several corner tips and two-on-one plays. As the night grew dark and the field lights began to come on, JV field hockey managed to pull out a 4-0 victory over NCDS on Winsor’s home turf.
-Holly Breuer

Friday, October 11

Mid 2 Soccer
Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.21.26 AM
The mid 2 soccer team eagerly began its game against Southfield with several attempts at the net, rapidly leading to the first goal: an excellently placed rebound shot by Julia Monaco ’19. Southfield eventually answered the goal that Winsor scored within the first five minutes with two goals, but Winsor refused to give up! Isabel Isselbacher ’18, scored another goal to tie the game with twenty minutes remaining. While the score remained a very respectable 2-2, Winsor dominated much of the rest of the second half with great shots, passes, and teamwork.
-Jessica Monaco

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.47.08 PMVarsity Soccer
Varsity soccer ended a hard-fought game on Friday against league rivals LCA with a 3-1 loss. Both teams came out strong; despite LCA’s initial two goals in the first half, Winsor played with aggression, confidence, and poise. In the second half, the Wildcats maintained their energy on the field with great ball possession and scoring opportunities, hitting LCA’s goal post multiple times. A special shout-out goes to Taylor Lynn-Jones, senior midfielder, who scored Winsor’s sole goal near the end of the second half. We wish the team luck in the EIL as they continue with major games against Lawrence Academy, BB&N, Bancroft, Beaver Country Day, Dana Hall, and Newton Country Day.
-Sea-Jay Van der Ploeg

Varsity Field Hockey
Varsity field hockey finished off UTL week on Friday with a resounding victory over LCA. The game remained scoreless until well into the first half, when Winsor took advantage of several corner plays to pull ahead. From that point onward, the Wildcats clearly dominated the game. With the help of the JV seniors, who acted as swing players, varsity field hockey achieved a final score of 4-0–including a hat-trick by senior Lili Bierer!
-Maddy Batt