It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

-By Priya Shukla & Susy Liu- Not sure what to get people for the holidays? Never fear; your gift list is here! This list has the best holiday gifts for your friends and family. (Gifts are ranked by price–$ being the less expensive gifts, $$$ being the more expensive ones)


For Family:

  • Blank mug decorated with a Sharpie $

  • Tacky Christmas sweater (who does not love these?) $$

  • Socks you knit yourself $

  • Portable cell phone charger (you charge it before, so it does not need to be plugged in!)  $

  • Hoodie with built-in earbuds $$

  • Magazine subscriptions to National Geographic, Vogue, Life, etc $$

  • Fancy chocolate (yum!) $$

  • Tickets to One Direction, Museum of Science, Museum of Fine Arts, etc $$

For Friends:

  • Cell phone case, headphones $

  • Twizzlers “TWIZ the season to be jolly!” (Yes, you should laugh now.) $

  • Starbucks, Bruegger’s, or iTunes gift card $$

  • Pillow pet (“It’s a pillow…it’s a pet!”) $$

  • Tech gloves that still allow you to use your cell phone $$

  • Fuzzy socks $

  • Lululemon headband $$

  • Christmas candy or baked goods $

  • Naked 3 palette, or other makeup $$$

  • Jewelry (Alex & Ani bracelet maybe?) $$$