Panel’s Superbowl Commercial Picks of 2014

-by Maddy Batt- This year’s Superbowl was viewed by about 100 million people, not all of whom care about or understand football. Thankfully, those of us who are bewildered by the sport can watch another competition unfold: the annual battle of the commercials. Whether touching, hilarious, or downright adorable, Sunday’s commercials certainly delivered. Without further ado, here are a few of the Panel’s favorite Superbowl commercials of the year, in no particular order:


 Budweiser- Puppy Love

This commercial stars a pair of best friends: a Clydesdale and a puppy. Will their bond win out over the continued attempts to separate them? (Hint: There is a happy ending). Their friendship (and the puppy!) left us feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


Turbotax- Love Hurts

The Superbowl can be tough if your team is not playing. This hilarious commercial plays on that disappointment. One of its highlights is the impressive dance moves of the villain, Sean.


 Chevrolet- Romance

What seems at first to be another needlessly macho truck commercial takes a turn for the amusing. Something about cows finding love is simultaneously sweet and hilarious.


 Coca Cola- America the Beautiful

The Superbowl is a celebration of all things American, and its commercials often follow suit. This touching commercial reminds us that part of what makes the USA so beautiful is its diversity.


 Audi- Doberhuahua

This ad is wonderfully wacky and over-the-top, in the best of Superbowl commercial traditions. It features a disconcerting cross between a Doberman and a Chihuahua. Unsurprisingly, mayhem and destruction follow.


 GoDaddy- Bodybuilder

From a company whose commercials are usually oversexualized, this ad makes a welcome change. It is an amusing sequence that champions one woman’s extremely popular small business.


 Jaguar- British Villains Rendezvous

This classy commercial asks the question: “Why are all Hollywood villains British?” Starring many of our favorite British actors, this ad reminds us that sometimes, “It’s good to be bad.”


 CarMax- Slow Bark

CarMax’s first commercial, Slow Clap, was a bit dull. However, they followed it up with an adorable puppy version! Unsurprisingly, it was a roaring (or barking?) success.

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