Spirit week energizes whole school

– by Maggie Hart – It’s that time of year again, when Winsor students showcase their most creative costumes and red hot spirit! With Under the Lights right around the corner, we’ve picked some of our favorite costumes from each day this week. Go wildcats!

Monday: Children’s Book Day allowed girls of all classes to start the week off by traveling back in time and dressing as their favorite characters from the books they read as a child (Dr. Seuss was a popular theme throughout both the students and the faculty members)!

Mary Poppins walks the halls!
Mary Poppins walks the halls!

Tuesday: Alter Ego Day
Alter Ego Day gave students the opportunity to show a hidden aspect of themselves. Students and faculty dressed as anything from sports stars to fictional characters. Everyone had a blast!

Paul Revere makes a visit from history
Paul Revere makes a visit from history

Wednesday: Villain Day
On Villain Day, the students revealed their evil sides, with costumes ranging from Disney witches to horror movie antagonists!

Thursday: TV Show Day
The fourth and final day of Spirit Week was TV Show Day. This theme brought characters from television to life here at Winsor, with the school sporting a large variety of past and present TV Shows!

Girls dressed as "Grey's Anatomy" characters... perhaps we'll see them in scrubs for real one day!
Girls dressed as “Grey’s Anatomy” characters… perhaps we’ll see them in scrubs for real one day!

Friday: Red Day!
The students and faculty showed their red hot Winsor spirit by dressing up for Red Day! After a long day of anticipation for the students, the pep rally began.

The pep rally preceding Winsor's homecoming, Under the Lights
The pep rally preceding Winsor’s homecoming, Under the Lights

Every class, from the Class of 2022 performing their Winsor themed rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit single “22,” to the senior class with their unforgettable dancing skills, participated in the pep rally. The Upper School cheer competition was a close call, but Class VII took the gold. Students Advocating for School Spirit (SASS) club awarded one faculty member and one student from both the Upper School and the Lower School an award for the best costume each day. The department winner for the most consistent and creative costumes all week was the English Department! Anyone could say Red Day was a blast!