Admissions Manager by Day, Author by Night

-by Alexa Lyons- Some students who give tours to prospective students may know Ms. Feldman from the admissions department, but what students may not know is that Ms. Feldman is a published author! Her first young adult novel, No Alligators in Sight, came out in September 2013, and her second book, On the Way to Everywhere, recently came out this September. When asked about what Winsor girls would enjoy about her books, Ms. Feldman said, “The main characters in my books are teenage girls trying to find out what’s important to them. I think girls at Winsor–and girls everywhere–are trying to do the same.” No Alligators in Sight is centered on two children, Lettie and Bert, in Cape Cod who travel to Florida in order to get away from family problems and to find better lives for themselves.

Make sure to check out Ms. Feldman's books! (
Make sure to check out Ms. Feldman’s books! (

On the Way to Everywhere is especially relatable to Winsor girls, since its protagonist also attends an all-girls school. This coming-of-age story focuses on a teenage girl, Harry, who does not fit in at her school and is frustrated with her monotonous daily life. Due to her unhappiness, Harry struggles to figure out what she wants to do in her future. Both of Ms. Feldman’s novels have received excellent reviews and recommendations online. One reviewer on said No Alligators in Sight was “a poignant story with humourous sprinkles mixed in. [It] had me laughing, crying, and holding out hope.”Feldman2 In addition, Ms. Feldman is currently working on a third novel about three homeschooled girls living in upstate New York who want to discover more about the world. Students and teachers can find Ms. Feldman’s books in the Winsor library, and her novels can also be found in some local libraries as well as in print and e-book form on The Winsor community congratulates Ms. Feldman on her most recent publication and looks forward to the release of her next novel!