-by Saphia Suarez and Isabel Griffith-Gorgati- This fall’s Roxbury Latin-Winsor Play is an enticing production of Enron, which puts an ironic spin on one of America’s most famous corporate scandals. As Jeffrey Skilling transitions into the role of Enron’s CEO, power dynamics flare up, leading the company to take outrageous risks that lead to its bankruptcy. Erik March ’17, who plays the role of Enron’s egotistical CEO in this production, believes that “there are two major aspects of Jeff Skilling which set him apart from virtually everyone else at Enron; his intellect and his delusions. Both of these traits lead to the success and downfall of Enron. They initially enable him to play the market and eventually lure him into a false confidence, which brings the company to its demise.” The play bears relevance in today’s national discussion about corporate greed. Corporate greed drives the characters and ultimately brings Enron to its knees. Furthermore, in this specific setting, the play draws attention to another important current issue: sexism in the workplace. The few women who hold high positions in the industry are consistently undermined by their male counterparts. Claudia Roe, played by Dana Hall student Marisol Getchell ’15, is locked in a battle for power with Skilling, and sexualizes herself in an attempt to gain footing in Enron’s competitive atmosphere.

Winsor students Clayre Attisani ’15, Saphia Suarez ’17, Maddie Latimore ’17, and Isabel Griffith-Gorgati ’17 make appearances as a range of characters, including news reporters, traders, stock analysts, and senators. Maddie Latimore described the play as “filled with a good mixture of humor and seriousness.” On November 21 and 22 at 7:30 make sure to come see this timely and satirical production and get a glimpse into the inner workings of this notorious energy company scandal, which sheds light on modern-day issues.