First-Time Winsor Voters Take the Ballot

Panel has a few questions for some of the Winsor ’17 voters

By, Erin Lyons

When the average Winsor girl considers what she is looking forward to in the fall, she probably thinks about UTL, apple picking, or Thanksgiving break. However, this year, many seniors are also anticipating the 2016 election, in which they will be voting for the first time. Four Winsor seniors, Victoria F. ’17, Maddie L. ’17, Julia M. ’17, and Chanel M. ’17 have agreed to share their reflections on the upcoming November 8th election.

Why will you be voting in November?

Victoria: “I’m a huge believer in having a voice regardless of how scary the outcome may be…By not voting, you are allowing a potentially unsatisfactory outcome to occur, somewhat like the bystander effect.”

Maddie: “I really want to make sure I am heard, and if the election doesn’t go my candidate’s way, I want to know that I did everything I could to try and get them elected. I also feel like I have a say…in what happens to this country, which is especially empowering at a young age.”

Julia: “I’ve obviously never been able to before, and I think that voting it is a really important part of how our country works so I’m excited to be able to participate.”

Chanel: “I think it’s incredibly important to exercise a right that so many people have fought for in the past.  It’s also just really exciting to have more of a voice in the political process.”

Have you done anything to prepare for the election?

Victoria: “I have discussed the debate with many friends and family members, mostly because I just want to be as informed as I possibly can in order to make this decision.”

Julia: “I have been watching the debates and reading any news articles I have come across related to the election. I’ve also had many, many discussions with friends, family members, and teachers about the elections.”

Chanel: “I’ve talked about the election a lot with my friends and family, read lots of news articles about it, and watched both of the debates that have aired so far.”

Would you pay as much attention to the election if you were not going to vote?

Victoria: “I think that I would have paid an equal amount of attention to the election regardless of whether or not I was going to vote, just because the election itself has been so widely televised and talked about– it would be extremely difficult to ignore.”

Maddie: “I don’t think I would pay as much attention to the election if I weren’t going to vote, but I would still pay attention. And for this election in particular, even if I couldn’t vote I would want to be educated so I could try and help others make up their mind because this is a crucial election.”

Chanel: “I think I would probably pay as much attention to the election, though maybe a little bit less, because even if someone can’t vote, it’s pretty difficult to stay out of conversations about politics, especially at Winsor, so they might as well be informed.”

Has the polarizing nature of this particular presidential race affected your decision to vote?

Julia: “I think that the intense divide makes it even more important to vote, but I would have voted regardless.”

Chanel: “It has definitely affected my decision to vote because even though I know I would be excited to vote in a more mild presidential race, I have very strong feelings about this election’s candidates, so I’m excited to get to make something of those beliefs.”

In true Winsor fashion, voting age seniors are well-informed, firm in their beliefs, and ready to use their votes to make a difference in the 2016 election.