Volleyball Swings into Winsor

-By, Hammond Hearle

Although it may feel as though this school year has gone on forever, just over a month ago the world was watching Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross fight for gold in Women’s Beach Volleyball during the Rio Summer Olympics. The matches were consistently intense and energetic, and the U.S.A. finished with bronze medals for beach volleyball, men’s indoor volleyball, and women’s indoor volleyball.

It seems fitting that Winsor has begun its own indoor volleyball team the same year that all three USA Olympic volleyball teams have medaled. In indoor volleyball, one member of each team of six serves the ball and each team tries to continue the rally. During the rally, one team can have a maximum of three consecutive touches, until they make a kill and score a point or the other team commits a fault which results in the loss of the rally. With the new LOC facilities and increased space making a volleyball team possible, as well as an enthusiastic coaching staff made up of Ms. Reynolds and Ms. Iverson, Winsor’s newest sport boasts a very promising future. There are confident projections of having a varsity team (in addition to the current club team) next year. A Class VII student remarked that “I will definitely try and play again next year and I hope it does not fill up too quickly” and two other Class VII students and one Class VI student have already affirmed that they are also excited to play volleyball again next year during the fall season. One Class VII student remarked that “the environment of the club team was really relaxed because everyone was learning, which was really nice.” If you are interested in watching Winsor volleyball, their inaugural game against Dana Hall is on November 4 at four o’clock in the Winsor gym, so get excited to cheer “Go Wildcats!” for a new Winsor team!