Reflections on Community Curriculum Day

-By, Abigail Weyer and Betsy Kim

-Cartoon by Sage Stossel

Every four years coinciding with the presidential race, Winsor holds its Community Curriculum Day – an entire day dedicated to discussing the 2016 election. This year’s chaotic and, at times, nail-biting election promised interesting and provocative discussion. Students could pick two workshops to attend throughout the day, some led by Winsor alums and outside speakers, and others were led by Winsor students. Workshops offered “Finding a Voice Through Cartooning,” in which Winsor alum Sage Stossel ’89 spoke about her experience covering the election through political cartoons, to “Ms. Tyler Goes to Beacon Hill,” in which State Representative Chyna Tyler and Campaign Manager Frank Farrow shared their insights into the process of organizing a campaign on the local level. Amanda L. ’17 praised the variety of workshops this year, commenting that she was “really impressed with all the different angles from which we’re examining the election.”

Aside from giving students the opportunity to learn about their own areas of interest within the election, Community Curriculum Day also allowed some juniors and seniors to lead workshops and educate their peers about potentially unfamiliar topics. Erin S. ’17, who taught the workshop “Gender and the Election” along with Maggie H. ’17 and Betsy K. ’17, explained, “Gender is obviously a very controversial matter in this election… [Maggie, Betsy, and I] felt like we could use this workshop as an opportunity to provide a different spin on a topic that is so widely discussed but only in a one-sided manner.” Maggie H. ’17 agreed, saying, “the student-run nature of Community Curriculum Day gave us a opportunity to discuss aspects of gender that we wouldn’t have been able to discuss in a normal classroom setting.”

For those who have not experienced a Community Curriculum Day before, November 4th was a new experience. Though some may find it questionable to halt classes for an entire day, Community Curriculum Day was a incredibly insightful and informative experience that reminded students of the relevance of discussion outside standard academic curricula. Priya S. ’17, who came to Winsor freshman year, commented, “Though I was unsure about how the day would turn out, it was a really unique opportunity that I am grateful to have experienced before I left Winsor.” On behalf of the Panel, we would like to thank Mr. Braxton and student workshop leaders for putting Community Curriculum Day together.