Featured Athlete: Madison L. ’18

Madison L. ’18 has been an enthusiastic and talented member of the soccer, hockey and lacrosse teams at Winsor for the past 4 years, and she has just completed her third season on Winsor Varsity Soccer. She is currently beginning her first season as one of the captains for Winsor Varsity Hockey and scored over 50 goals for the Winsor Varsity Lacrosse team in the 2016 season. Her positive attitude and constant encouragement as well as her natural skill have made her a valuable member of each team she has been a part of and a leader on and off the field. The Panel asked Madison a few questions about her experience as a Winsor Athlete:

P: What is your favorite part of being on a Winsor sports team?
ML: “My favorite part is getting to be friends with so many girls who aren’t in my class. I love knowing people from every grade.”

P: When did you start playing your sports?
ML: “I’ve played sports my whole life. I started soccer when I was in kindergarten, lacrosse in third grade, and hockey in fifth grade.”

P: What is your favorite sport out of soccer, hockey, and lacrosse?
ML: “I can’t pick a favorite, but there is nothing like the speed of play in hockey.”

P: Do you think being an athlete at Winsor is more challenging because of the intense work load?
ML: “It usually helps me because playing sports makes me less stressed. Sometimes it can be hard coming home late from hockey practice or from a game.”

P: What do you think is the most important aspect of Winsor athletics?
ML: “The most important part is the girls that make up the teams. Every team that I have been on at Winsor is full of funny, kind, and thoughtful girls. I’m so lucky to be apart of it.”