The Winsor Promise

-By, Audrey Bloom

Few thought it would happen. Indeed, the student body was among the most skeptical of critics. But now, after a multi-year fundraising campaign, The Winsor Promise has surpassed its fundraising goal of 80 million dollars. The school community (everyone but students, obviously, because students never get Winsor emails) received an exciting announcement complete with a real live gif of fireworks to commemorate the 81.4 million dollar accomplishment.

At this time, it is only right to reflect on how we, the students, have observed and experienced this revamping of the our beloved Winsor School over the past few crucial fundraising years. One senior notes, “I can’t believe how nice Winsor swag has gotten. When I came in Class II, I’d be hard pressed to snag an extra gym shirt. Now, every sports team gets Winsor sports bags and warm ups. And they’re nice bags! Like, a pad for the shoulder and everything.” A notable improvement in the school has been its human advertising. It is positively commendable that Winsor managed to get the cost of their “Winsor Superfan” t-shirts down to only $5. Truly, brava. Winsor has also updated its mascot, ditching its clearly outdated, normal-looking animal costume for a sumptuous red-velvety hued wildcat. When asked to rate their level of comfort with the new mascot, 72% of the student body chose “little to no comfort” to describe their sentiments towards the unnaturally colored cat.

From the silk-screened Winsor sweat towels at the groundbreaking ceremony in 2013 all the way to the notable present-day increase in school events serving crab cakes and alcohol (again, students are obviously excluded from these gatherings), this school has been spruced to the nines. I mean, this is some Belmont Hill level luxury. Am I the only one who’s noticed not only the reappearance of brand name Oreos in the cafeteria, but also the new presence of those sweet, sweet blue capsules of Skippy peanut butter? Word on the street can be confirmed by students, parents, and alumnae alike, The Winsor School for girls is well on its way to becoming the shining star of the Longwood Medical Area and the Eastern Independent League (#sportsschool #nonarps #nowandforever). I think we can all agree that the campaign said it best. This is what promise looks like.