Trash Week: The Truth Comes Out

-By, Audrey Bloom

*Disclaimer: This is Flannel Backpage material.

This past week, all Winsor students participated, both willingly and unwillingly, in the school’s inaugural Global Forum. The Global Forum was instated with the hope of creating a space for students to learn about and take action on a different world issue every other year. This year’s theme was waste, and, despite heads of COW’s efforts to reroute the student’s’ frank nicknaming energies to the mild “week in which we discuss trash”, the Global Forum earned the simple and elegant name of endearment, “Trash Week”. And what a fitting name it was. Though I could not possibly tell you all that was going on in each of the thirty studios that met this week, (mostly because I remained in a single classroom sitting on a single chair researching a post-industrial town south of Boston for the entirety of the week) I can share the records set last week within the walls of Winsor. Never before has the administration spent such sums of money on pity bagels and donuts. A constant stream of pseudo-spherical snacks flowed through the school from Monday to Friday, each bite containing the apologies of the more sympathetic teachers and the unmoving pride of the rest of the faculty. Never before has The Winsor School been the cause of the release of so much diesel fuel as they were this week as field trip after field trip got lost on their way to their destination, driving a school bus for two full hours in order to make a fifteen minute trip. And never before have so many sticky notes been used to display our rudimentary ideas on topics we know nothing about up on the board. It’s safe to say a hefty sum of resources were expended on this week. Whether it was worth it we cannot say. Much like the case is for superfund sites across the nation, we may have to wait a good long while to see the effects. One thing’s for sure, though. Students have never been more excited to return to normal classes this February.