LAX vs. Softball: A Rivalry for the Ages

By, Caroline Hearle

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Every year, the end of May brings tournaments, championships, and nail-biting endings for Winsor sports teams. However, few people are aware of the equally important “friendly” rivalry between our Lacrosse and Softball teams. Both teams look forward to the event, and one student said “It’s a really great way to practice working as a team and intensity and I know everyone really enjoys getting competitive and having team spirit.” At the end of the season last year, Winsor Varsity Softball defeated the Lacrosse team in a tense kickball game. The Softball team consistently played well while kicking and in the infield whereas the Lacrosse team struggled on defense. The outcome of the game was chalked up to Softball’s “unfair advantage” by the Lacrosse team as there are noticeable similarities between kickball and softball. Not only are softball and kickball played on the same field, but the Softball team also knew where to throw the ball in each situation. However, the Lacrosse team was undeterred and on May sixteenth they became the reigning champions of the annual kickball game. Determined to secure an early lead, the Lacrosse team displayed their hand-eye coordination with solid catching and a consistent offense. By the middle of the game, the score was 6-0 and the Lacrosse team had settled into what they thought was a secure victory. However, Softball showed their superior fielding skills in the last innings while Lacrosse struggled to get outs once the players were on base. After a string of miscommunications and general lack of baseball knowledge, the game was almost tied with a 5-6 score. Despite Softball’s admirable comeback, the Lacrosse team had a walkoff victory because they won the tense coin toss that began the game. I think both teams are already looking forward to their next game and hope that this tradition continues.