Artist of the Month

By, Dayoon Chang

Angela S. ’19 is in AP Studio Art this year. She won the 2017 State Fish Art Massachusetts Competition and earned two silver key awards for the 2017 Scholastic Arts. Angela is also the 2015 State Fish Art Massachusetts Third Place winner.

What do you like to draw the most?

I really like to draw fish! It’s really fun to draw the colorful ones. I’d still rather not be confined to drawing one thing so I’ve been drawing stuff from portraits to architecture.

Any fun stories?

Fun story — I wanted to draw a picture of Winsor for my AP portfolio, but I chose to stand outside where the garbage truck was parked. It was a pretty view, but I swear it stank so badly I wanted to cry. I might go back and finish that piece, but I think I’m permanently scarred.

Why did you sign up for AP art, knowing that it would be a bigger commitment?

I signed up for AP art to get more drawing time during school. It is a full credit course so I get to go to class more often. I look forward going to art class!

How would you describe your first experience with art?

My first drawings were done during kindergarten science class when I got bored of the lesson. Back then, I always got in trouble for drawing during class. But it really made me like art.

What is your favorite part about art?

My favorite part about art is that it is really calming to draw after a long week. Art helps me destress because there is no pressure: just me, my pencil, and paper.