Fall Sports Wrap-Ups!

By, Mikayla Chang


Cross Country

Captains: Alex B. ’18, Emily B. ’18, and Nicole C. ’18

Record: N/A

Favorite Song: “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

Favorite Memory: Getting stuck on our bus as a team

Short (1-2 sentence) Recap: “This season we went undefeated in the EIL, beat several out-of-league prep schools including Milton and Governor’s Academy, and took the crown at Shaler once again. We have extremely tight compression as a team and plan to dominate at EILs and New England’s.” -Kathleen H. ’18


JV Soccer

Captains:  Ellisya L. ’19, Julia M. ’19, and Leslie M. ’19

Record: 9-2

Favorite Song: “Big Time Rush” by Big Time Rush

Favorite Memory: Our UTL comeback!

Short (1-2 sentence) Recap: “This season has been one of JV Soccer’s best seasons in a while. Through our hard work, the help of our coaches and a lot of fun, we have been able to improve greatly and to achieve a winning record.” -Ellisya L. ’19


Varsity Soccer

Captains: Eva D. ’18 and Madison L. ’18

Record: 4-6-3

Favorite Song: “Rain Over Me” by Pitbull and Marc Anthony

Favorite Memory: Both our UTL win against LCA and Senior Day.

Short (1-2 sentence) Recap: “The team began the season with a decisive win against LCA and has  consistently been able to play at the level of competitive teams such as Pingree. We had some close games against tough teams but always stayed positive and focused on smart playing throughout the season.” -Hammond H. ’18



Captains: Alessandra D. ’18, Aoibheann H. ’18, and Jordan S. ’18

Record: n/a

Favorite Song: “Beauty and a Beat”

Favorite Memory: Singing under our tent at Mass Champs when it was pouring rain.

Short (1-2 sentence) Recap: “After an influx of over 20 freshmen, the Crew team had a very successful season. Together, we bonded, learned, avoided cuts, suffered, and won! Our boats won 6 medals total and two boats raced hard in the 53rd Head of the Charles Regatta.  It was a great season!” -Haley K. ‘20


JV Field Hockey

Captains: Babette K. ’18 and Mikako M. ’18

Record: 4-2-4

Favorite Song: “Africa” by Toto

Favorite Memory: The karaoke bus ride to Shore Country Day (during which we all jammed to “Africa” by Toto)

Short (1-2 sentence) Recap: “After a difficult first game, JV Field Hockey rallied to a resounding win over rival Milton Academy and continued to dominate throughout the rest of the season with decisive victories over Dana Hall, Thayer Academy, and Portsmouth Abbey. The team, an extremely close-knit group of Freshmen, Sophomores, a Junior, and two Seniors, bonded intensely over their shared love of “Africa” by Toto (and their admiration for the word ‘gourmet’).” – Babette K. ’18


Varsity Field Hockey

Captains: Emily D. ’18 and Emily K. ’18

Record: 4-7-1

Favorite Song: “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled

Favorite Memory: Winning UTL!

Short (1-2 sentence) Recap: “Varsity Field Hockey had a fantastic season! Some of our best games include UTL against LCA and our game at Dana Hall. Since the beginning of the season we have greatly improved our communication skills. Throughout the season our team always had high energy and was dedicated to getting better every game or practice.” -Emily D. ’18



Captains: Kaylee C. ’19, Grace H. ’18, and Elizabeth H. ’18

Record: 3-7

Favorite Song: “Started from the Bottom” by Drake

Favorite Memory: Playing at UTL with the school overflowing in our stands