Questions To Ask on College Tours

By, Samantha Goldenson and Haley Kwuon

  1. Are any of the dorms haunted?
  2. What is the school’s stance on public nudity?
  3. How late could I get Chinese food delivered to my dorm on a Thursday night?
  4. What is the school’s policy on open flames?
  5. Can I transfer the credits I get here to a better college?
  6. How frequently will someone come in to change the sheets in my dorm?
  7. What’s the toilet paper like here?  And the tissue quality?
  8. How often do you call your parents?
  9. What’s the most the professors are willing to inflate your grades?
  10. If you could go to any college besides this one, which would you choose?
  11. Do I seem like the kind of person to fit in here?
  12. How long did it take you to make friends? Honestly?