A Red Hot Start for the Red Sox

By, Rani B. ’21

The Red Sox are the first team since the 2003 Giants to record a 15-3 start to their season and are off to a historic start with a record of 28-12. The Red Sox also put up 108 runs in 17 games and are the fifth major league baseball team since 1901 to record 14 wins in 17 games (NBC Sports). These statistics, among others, are just some of the highlights of the Red Sox season so far.

This year’s team has made a name for themselves in the American League East, rising to the top of the standings and staying there for a long stretch. Although the Yankees recently tied the Red Sox at the top of the AL East, the Red Sox’s strong start has many wondering what is in store for the future of this talented team. Bis M. ’21 remarked that “a new, better energy that is driving the players to do better, a new manager, and better leadership” are what sets this year’s Red Sox apart from previous years.

With Alex Cora managing the team, the Red Sox have become a force to reckon with, both on the road and at home. The Red Sox pitching lineup also has depth, experience, and skill, as Sox pitchers have had a stunning start, anchored by aces Chris Sale and Rick Porcello, who have both had notable outings on the mound.

The Sox batters are doing equally well and are led by sluggers JD Martinez and Mookie Betts, who are leading the Major League in homeruns with a batting average just under .350! Most Boston fans have high hopes for the season ahead and have high expectations for this remarkable group of players.

However, the Red Sox’s arch rivals, the New York Yankees, are also stacked, led by world class hitters, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, and aces, Masahiro Tanaka and 100+ mph closer, Aroldis Chapman. The rivalry between these teams is intense and will be exciting to watch this season. It has already led to one bench clearing brawl in the first series in Boston, just one of many in the two teams’ history, but hopefully they will be able to control their behavior on the field this season!

Sam G. ’19, a Yankees fan, comments that the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry will be “an action packed summer . . . the main reason [that the Yankees passed the Red Sox in the AL East standings] seems to be that the Red Sox cannot get as much of a handle on their pitching lineup as the Yankees have.”

The Sox have one weapon in their arsenal unmatched by any other team in the Majors: the Fenway Faithful. Boston has one of the best fan bases in the country. Fenway Park is world-famous and has sold out every game of every season. Most other teams sell half their seats, and the only time other teams sell out is when they are playing the Sox because Red Sox fans travel to support their beloved team. Emily O. ’21 went to a Red Sox game, and remarked that “the fans fed off of each others energy, and when the music played before each Red Sox player bat, the crowd would go wild.”

Win or lose, the Fenway Faithful are screaming their support of the Sox at every home game. Go Sox!