Fall 2018 Sports Updates


  • Captains: Lettie Cabot ’19, Mikayla Chen ’19, Berneece Tam ’19
  • Record: n/a
  • Team mascot: Jessica
  • Athlete highlight: Lulu Ansari ’20 has been an incredible athlete both on and off the water. She is always pushing herself and others to perform their best, and her efforts are a constant inspiration to the team.


Varsity Soccer

  • Captains: Sarah Stier ’19, Caroline Green ’19, Julia Contini ’19
  • Record: 6-8
  • Team Mascot: juicy dirt
  • Athlete highlight: Elizabeth Martin ’20, WVS’s primary goalkeeper, steps onto the field each day giving 110% effort. Her dedication, hard work, and positivity encourages the team to play its best, and she has contributed greatly to WVS’s success this season.


JV Soccer

  • Captains: Ellisya Lindsey ’19, Julia Monaco ’19, Julie Wilson ’19
  • Record: 8-1-3
  • Team Mascot: Chief
  • Athlete highlight: The captains were absolutely incredible leaders, both on and off the field, and the team felt honored to be led by these three amazing individuals. Little sarcastic comments from Ellisya, kind and warm smiles from Julia, and genuine team spirit from Julie made each practice and each game a memorable one.


Varsity Field Hockey

  • Captains: Talia Ward ’19, Nancy Kaneb ’19
  • Record: 11-3
  • Team Mascot: Ms. Hazard’s feet
  • Athlete highlight: Amanda Fogarty ‘19 has led this team on the offensive end. She’s a great leader and pushes the team to be better while putting in 110% of her effort every single day. The team wouldn’t be this great without her!


JV Field Hockey

  • Captains: Sadie Golen ’20, Sophie Yates ’20, Lizzie Ross ’21
  • Record: 6-4-1
  • Team Mascot: shesus
  • Athlete highlight: Golde Umlas ‘22 hit a ball from the air into the goal and won us a game. She’s always working hard and is a great addition to the team.


Cross Country

  • Captains: Annie Kaplan ’19, Clare Quinn ’19,  Chloe Duval ’19
  • Record: Undefeated!
  • Team Mascot: Smokey
  • Athlete highlight:

Maggie Furlong ‘20 has continued to be her rock-star self and spirited team member despite an injury that kept her from running.



  • Captains: Samantha Chin ’19 and Kaylee Chang ’19
  • Record:10-5
  • Team Mascot: Septapus
  • Athlete highlight: Allison Chang ‘22 was one of the new freshman to varsity volleyball this year! Her strong contributions, positive attitude, and incredible sportsmanship on and off the court have encouraged everyone on the team to always play their best and be supportive of one another.


JV Volleyball

  • Captains: Charlotte Fries ’19 and Kayla Springer ’22
  • Record: 4-10
  • Team Mascot: Porcupine
  • Athlete highlight: Katherine Torres ‘22 played the libero this season and always displayed good sportsmanship, hardwork and great communication skills on the court! Later in the season, she tried playing the outside position as well and has displayed a wide range of skills in different positions!