Panel Censorship Reaches and All-Time High

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Recently, Sam G. ’19 was discovered adding crazy images to The Panel’s Back Page section. Met with immediate uproar, Sam was punished with 14 years of hard labor. Ms. H., one of The Panel’s faculty advisors, suggests that “although Panel censorship has been rising it is due to our devotion to the students and our desire to maintain a respectful environment throughout our school community, etc., etc., etc.” She also adds that “Sam deserved 14 years of hard labor because it was her fault for using pictures of teachers without their permission.” When asked to comment, Ms. P., Winsor’s Head of School, was going to but something else happened. Oftentimes, Back Page Panel meetings take place at 103 Pilgrim Road in Room 101 where the Panel Back Page editors, Sam and Julie W. ’19, and the Editor in Chief, Teresa L. ’19, plot to create the most offensive material possible. Executive Editor Ellisya L. ’19 offered her lack of support of Panel censorship, saying that “the Back Page editors should be able to do whatever they want because they’re hilarious filler words filler filler, etc., etc.” The time has come for the student body to rise up against our faculty oppressors and encourage freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is not a sinful practice and all oppression of expression should be discouraged, if not banned from the Winsor School.