Patriots Clutch their Sixth Super Bowl Championship

By, Jessica W. ’22


The New England Patriots have won yet another Superbowl!


On February 3, 2019, the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams battled for the 53rd Super Bowl championship title. The defense on both teams was so exceptional that only one touchdown was made the entire game. It was the lowest-scoring Super bowl game in NFL history, the final score being 13-3.


The win this year was even more significant for the Patriots because it was a recovery from last year’s close game in the Super Bowl 52, where they lost by 8 points to the Philadelphia Eagles. But if that loss taught New England fans anything, it’s to work harder, cheer louder, and stay focused on the game. As Tom Brady, the Patriots’ legendary quarterback, says, “the true competitors, though, are the ones who always play to win.” The Patriots certainly played to win this year and made an incredible comeback as a result!


The New England Patriots have a legacy of being a dominant force on the field. They have appeared in the Super Bowl 11 times, more than any other team in the NFL. Of those 11 appearances, they have now won six Super Bowls, tied for the most amount of Super Bowls in NFL history along with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fan or critic, there’s no denying that the Patriots are a powerhouse team. But behind all their success and impressive statistics, a lot of hard work, time, and determination is put into every move on the field.


This year, the Patriots were not as dominating in the regular season, but blazed through the playoff season games. The Patriots won the first playoff of 2019 on January 13 against the Los Angeles Chargers 49-21. Then, on January 20, the Patriots clinched their second playoff game against the number-one seed Kansas City Chiefs 37-31. It was a typical Patriots win, as both teams kept zigzagging between win or lose until the very last minute; Tom Brady led the Patriots to their 2019 AFC Championship with a 80-yard touchdown drive during overtime. The win secured them a spot in their third straight appearance in the Super Bowl.


The head coach during all six of the Super Bowl wins is Bill Belichick. Of all the coaches with Super Bowl wins in the NFL, Belichick has the most. The players have thrived under his coaching experience and leadership. Tom Brady has also won six Super Bowls, the most of any player in the NFL. However, Tom Brady isn’t settled with his six rings yet, saying “you wanna know which ring is my favorite? The next one.” At 41 years old, Brady is now the oldest quarterback to win a Superbowl – but he doesn’t let his age stop him from playing. As Brady says, “the only thing I ever wanted to be was a professional football player” because “football is unconditional love.”

Several Winsor students went to the Patriots Parade on 2/5, where fans crowded around Boston Common to welcome the Patriots home from their Super bowl victory. The support that the Patriots received was extraordinary. Calla W. ’22 went to the parade, and remarks that “the parade was so fun although I wish I’d had a better view of some of the players! I’m also curious to see which members of the team will visit the White House.”


Football teaches lifelong lessons on what it’s like to be part of a team, to work hard, and to achieve. Winning or losing isn’t the real prize in football; it’s the passion that you discover, the love you have for the sport, and the winning mindset. Fans wholeheartedly support the Patriots by tuning into games on TV or filling up all the seats at the stadium, and it is their passion and encouragement that motivate the players. Football is not only a sport in America; it is truly the spirit of America; the Patriots are the pride of Boston. And as Karina P. ’22 fervently cheers, “as always, GO PATRIOTS!”