Teacher Gambling Exposed: The Secret Behind Snow Days

By, Ellie P. ’21

Picture this: It’s 6:00 p.m. on a cool August evening, summer is drawing to a close, the only people left at Winsor are the maintenance crew, seniors have just left after a tiring day of painting the homeroom. Take a peek down the dark Upper School hallway and you’ll see a single beam of light flickering from – what’s that? – the math office. Look closer and you’ll see the entire Winsor faculty clustered around the center table, sweat dripping down their faces, their minds racing and hearts beating fast as they argue over whether or not there will be a snow day on January 16th. Telescope in hand, Ms. L of the science department looks up into the night sky, probing for something – anything – that will give her a clue about the upcoming winter weather. Math teacher Mr. W scribbles in his notebook, plugging numbers into an algorithm that will predict the snowfall. The English department, lacking such tools at their disposal, refresh the Snow Day Calculator website until confident in their snow day. Faculty place their bets and slip away from the top-secret gathering, unnoticed.

We all love snow days, especially when they give you an extra day to prepare for that Chemistry test you’ve been dreading. But, it turns out that students aren’t the only ones who wish for snow days… A Winsor teacher, who would like to remain unmentioned, spilled top secret information about teachers and snow days. Teachers allegedly make bets early in the school year as to when they believe snow days will be. Teachers receive points if a snow day occurs on the day they assumed it would and points are deducted if their speculation is incorrect. I personally am hoping for a snow day in the upcoming winter months, and apparently, my teachers are too!