Teacher Feature: Ms. Holland

By Catherine F. ’21

While the United Nations General Assembly meetings were being held in New York in September, I decided to sit down with Ms. Holland, one of Winsor’s Model United Nations (MUN) advisors and history teachers. 

Similar to the fanfare of the world leaders in New York City, Ms. Holland thinks the annual conference is the most exciting part of the Model UN.  She said the students work tirelessly throughout the year to prepare for the conference. Each team of students is assigned a country and, at the conference, students must tackle a global problem from its point of view. Ms. Holland describes how it is “inspiring” to watch the collaboration between Winsor students and students from around the world on important issues.  She said Winsor girls “confidently stand up for their ideas and get their resolutions passed.”

When Ms. Holland isn’t advising Model UN, she is a beloved history teacher whose interest in history and politics came from her own father.  She reminisced, “We would often talk about historical events and as I got older these conversations made me curious to learn more.” No doubt, her love for history, politics, and how they intersect in the UN process inspires many Winsor students.  She too said it was her own high school teachers who first brought history to life for her.    

When she isn’t teaching a class or advising MUN, you can find Ms Holland lacing up her running shoes.  She said, “I try to jog as much as possible. Each year [my family and I] run a few relay races with friends.” She also loves to hang out with her husband and two toddlers, Jonah and Addie.  She spends a lot of her time away from Winsor running after her own kids.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and learning from new places she explores. 

We all wish Ms. Holland and the Winsor Model UN best of luck in this coming season and at the competition this Spring!