A Guide to the Latest Tik Tok Trends

By Abby G. and Ani B. ’22

POV (point of view) you are sitting in your room bored out of your mind and scrolling through TikTok. You see someone do something kind of interesting and kind of weird, so you decide to try it yourself. During quarantine, many of us are spending countless hours on TikTok and trying out these new trends. Here is a list of some of the trends and what they entail:

Making Whipped Coffee: This coffee drink is a fun new treat. People are turning their kitchens into Starbucks by whipping instant coffee and water and creating a “reverse latte”. Not only is it a fun way to fuel a coffee addiction, but Tiktok users claim that the new drink is better than expensive store-bought ones. Once quarantine is over, this will definitely be a treat that people will continue to enjoy. Sophie Diop ‘22 reported, “during quarantine, whipped coffee is my replacement for Starbucks. It is super easy and very affordable. I highly recommend it!” The recipe for whipped coffee is extremely easy to follow, and everyone should give it a try! https://tasty.co/recipe/whipped-coffee

Outdoor mirror photos: Although many of us are practically living in pajamas, quarantine won’t stop some from dressing up to have a photoshoot. Users have found that bringing mirrors outside allows for some gorgeous and unique photo opportunities and gives them an excuse to finally get out of sweats and into a cute outfit. If you want to spruce up your Instagram feed, you should definitely try this mirror photoshoot trend out! https://vm.tiktok.com/WojDYy/

Tie-Dye: Many people are bringing out their creative side by trying to tie-dye their clothing. Some people are buying white clothing to tie-dye, while others are tie-dying clothes that they already own. Abbie Peterson even tie-dyed her white “Party With the Purpose” sweatshirt, saying, “I just had it laying around the house, and my siblings and I wanted to make a project out of it. It really got us in the summer spirit and made it feel like a brand new sweatshirt!” Another cool form of tie-dye people are doing is bleach tie-dying their dark clothes to leave lighter tie-dye patches. Tie-dying is a really fun and interesting activity that all should try at home! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yGPTVxecCE

Dyeing Hair: Has one of your friends recently dyed their hair? The answer is probably yes. So many teenagers are trying to self-dye their hair new and exciting colors. The color pink has been especially popular. Some people have been dyeing all of their hair one color, while others have just been trying to highlight their hair different colors. Sarah Loose ‘22 recently dyed her hair pink, explaining “I guess I had wanted to do it for a while and figured there was no better time, especially seeing as if I messed it up nobody would see it anyways.” Truly one of the best parts of dyeing your hair now is that if it ends up looking bad, you can choose to quickly dye it back, whereas if you spontaneously colored your hair on a Monday night, you would have to face the neon mess the next morning at school.  Here are some hair dyeing tips in case you want to try it at home: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/advice/a44632/hair-color-things-you-must-know/

Adopting Pets:  One uplifting, new thing that many people are deciding to do right now is adopting a pet. Whether it be a dog, cat, duckling, or even a pig, all over TikTok people are showing off their new “quarantine pets.” The reason for this trend is that there is no better time to adopt a pet than now. People are spending more time at home than ever, giving them plenty of time to care for their new pet. Having a new cute pet can also bring a lot of joy into someone’s life during such a difficult time. 

Not only are teens participating in new dances or testing out popular trends, many users have taken the extra time they have at home to showcase their own hidden talents, work on a long project, or pick up new hobbies that they have always wanted to try. From painting cool patterns of designer logos on their walls to renovating garden sheds into a post-quarantine hang out space, teens all over the world are posting videos of their progress and inspiring others to do the same. While watching TikTok may be consuming a lot of our time, these latest trends are inspiring teens to take advantage of the extra time they may have to try something new or post about the activities they have enjoyed in recent weeks.