Paying Tribute to Departing Faculty Members

Mr. Sirochman (courtesy of Collect)

During his time at Winsor, Mr. Sirochman has been a crucial part of our school community. Whether you have taken his classes or just said hello to him in the hallways, his presence and dedication to his teaching has become a key factor of a Winsor student’s education. When students were asked about Mr. Sirochman, they were unanimous in their appreciation for him. 

One student commented, “Mr. Sirochman is so special because he really cares about connecting with his students. He simultaneously fosters a casual classroom environment and pushes us to grasp some of the hardest conceptual material we work with at Winsor. His passion for physics is clear and his grasp of the material makes it seem more accessible to us, encouraging us to work our hardest. He will be dearly missed.” Another student reflected, “Mr. Sirochman has certainly been one of the most inspiring and impactful teachers I have had at Winsor. Through his dedication to teaching, immense love for the subject, and faith in the capabilities of his students, he has fostered in me a deep appreciation for physics and a desire to study it further in college! My Winsor experience would certainly not have been the same without him, and I am extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn from him during his last two years here. I am certain he will leave a lasting mark on the school and on his students which will endure for many years to come.” Thank you Mr. Sirochman for all of your time, knowledge, and humor that you have brought to Winsor. You will be missed and we wish you all the best for the future.

Ms. Vitow (courtesy of Collect)

Teaching both Spanish and French at Winsor, Ms. Vitow has fostered a love of languages in so many students. Her students will remember her willingness to help everyone improve. This past fall, I was lucky enough to have Ms. Vitow as my French teacher. I am so grateful for Ms. Vitow’s creative ideas for making our classes as fun as possible. One activity I remember particularly enjoying was when Ms. Vitow played a song for us in French without showing us the lyrics, and as a class we had to write down what we thought the lyrics were. This was a challenging activity, because often I can’t even understand song lyrics in English, but it was very entertaining and helpful to our French skills. When asked what they will miss about Ms. Vitow, her students explain that they will miss how much she cares for each of her students. They will miss the effort Ms. Vitow puts into each of her lessons, and how hard she works to make sure that everyone understands the material. Finally, they will miss her smile and bubbly, welcoming personality. Ms. Vitow, Winsor will miss you very much, and we wish you the best for your future.

Ms. Bricklin (by Meredith T. ’23)

Ms. Bricklin has been a positive and helpful member of the Winsor community for three years in her roles as an advisor, teacher, and club procter. As a freshman advisor, she has helped many students with the transition from Lower to Upper School and created a constructive and fun space for her advisees. As a Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher she teaches very difficult topics, but according to one student “she managed to be super clear even with the complicated material and made class very engaging.” She showed her passion for fighting climate change and helping the environment as the teacher advisor to the Conserve Our World club. As she has nurtured the growth of the turtles outside of the science office by feeding them, she has nurtured growth in her students by supporting them. Ms. Bricklin, we wish you the best with your future endeavors and know that you will continue to inspire others!

Note: We will be adding a message to Ms. Evenson, Ms. Rice, and Ms. Taillacq very soon!

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