Small Chorus Sings through A Pandemic

By Anna H. ’23 (Photo courtesy of Meredith T. ’23)

Small chorus, like Winsor’s other classes, is adjusting to the new normal of a hybrid school schedule. The twist? Its members can not sing inside or all together over Zoom,  so Small Chorus has undergone many changes.

On virtual days, students learn each song while on Zoom; however, they have to mute their microphone while singing. Additionally, they split into separate breakout rooms in order to work on their parts with others in their section or to work on music theory. Throughout virtual class, they must remain on mute while singing, as Zoom’s microphone functions are not ideal for music.

Being on mute is a challenge, as members of small chorus can no longer sing as an ensemble; however, students are working through the obstacle together.

Sophia G. ’23 said that “virtual meetings can be difficult to manage considering the fact that we can not all sing together simultaneously. However, I am very happy that we do have the opportunity to meet through Zoom and in person this year!”

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), COVID- 19 can spread beyond 6 feet by someone who is singing. Therefore, Winsor’s small chorus can not sing inside together. On in person class days, students spread out among the turf, wearing masks, to sing.

Regarding the first time the class was able to sing together, Christina M.’23 said, “In terms of safety, singing outside felt very safe. I couldn’t hear everyone perfectly, so there was an element missing, but the more we do it, the more we will get accustomed to it. It was definitely a bigger shift than other classes, but easier to get used to than I expected. ”

Small chorus’ new class dynamic may be more difficult than other classes due to the struggles to sing together, but its members are rising to the challenge and remaining optimistic while recognizing the difficulties.

Sophia said, “Small chorus is definitely one of the classes that looks the most different this year than it did in previous years. Despite the class being conducted differently, I still really enjoy singing with the rest of the class, and it makes those moments that we are together in person even more special.”