Saying Goodbye to our Beloved Pret A Manger

By Aria D. ’21

Pret A Manger slipped away from us peacefully over quarantine. Her death has been attributed to the coronavirus, although we all know that the true cause was the money hemorrhage caused by her generosity. By her, I mean the one man who gave everyone free cookies. When the nights grow long and the days grow cold, I picture you. The edges of your face are blurry, but nothing has ever been more clear than the cookie in your outstretched hand. We miss you. In fact, I propose that after fire drills, we wave to you, wherever you are.

 Pret A Manger came to our Longwood area in 2015, and made close friends with neighbors, Clover and Bgood, whilst there. Pret A Manger will be remembered for her hazelnut chocolate croissants, squash ricotta mac and cheese, iced caramel lattes, grilled cheese, and occasional kinda sketchy grain bowl. We will never forget the brute strength it took to open her door, or the side eye we received from doctors who had to wait behind a line of ten freshmen. We can still taste the rolls of bread from that bin that were basically free, right? No? Oops. We will never understand why you had two doors but one of them was “not an entrance,” however we won’t hold that against you in death. Only you could package a 2×2 millimeter brownie and sell it for $2.00, but again, you are dead, so I won’t complain. 

Your ghost will remain on Longwood Ave, and we will honor it by thinking of you each time Clover rips $30 from our trembling hands, only to hand us a hunk of glorified mystery meat. Rest easy knowing that you were never the ugly friend. That title definitely goes to Bgood, and that’s without even considering the Galleria. 

As an homage to your British roots,

Fly high luv X