By Becca G. ’21 and Helen BJ. ’21

  1. AUX cord for The Tent™ speakers is first come first serve
    1. This is overruled if the person on AUX isn’t playing One Direction
  2. If it’s below 50 degrees out, blankets are required in The Tent™
  3. If someone’s face is down on the table, do not bother them. They are going through something. 
  4. The Tent™’s acoustics are impeccable. If you say something in one corner of the tent, be prepared for the entire school to hear you. This is based on real experiences. BEWARE.
  5. Stress screaming is allowed in The Tent™- even encouraged. Sometimes you gotta let it out! Use your outside voice!
  6. Normalize bringing camping tents to school when you have more than 4 straight hours of frees. As long as they are pitched on The Turf™.
  7. Watching Tik Toks is a productive use of your time, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Please play them at top volume so that they may be enjoyed by other inhabitants of The Tent™.
    1. Preferably only Tik Toks on Alt Tik Tok, but every type of TikTok is accepted in The Tent™
  8. The Tent™ is a safe space for all those who seek The Tent™
  9. The Tent™ only appears when a person has a real need for it and is always equipped for the seeker’s needs.