Just a PIGMENT of Your Imagination!

How many times a week do you find yourself stopping and staring in complete awe at all of the incredibly intricate and passion-filled art pieces scattered throughout the Winsor halls? Once a week? Twice? Thrice? The talent within the Winsor art community is truly astronomical, and in this week’s artist of the issue, The Banner wanted to highlight and explore some of this talent within our beloved senior class. Chloe Macaulay ’21, who is always willing to attempt new techniques and projects that will help her grow as an artist, is a crucial member of the Winsor art community. She spoke to The Banner about her experiences from humble beginnings to seriously considering pursuing a career in art. (Make sure to take a peek at her Smugmug for a closer look at all of the fascinating designs, linked here! https://winsorusvisualarts.smugmug.com/Class-VIII/Macaulay-Chloe)

  1. What kickstarted your passion for art in the first place? 

It was very random, really. I was just drawing one night and realized that it was almost… good. Out of the blue, I kind of saw that I could make a realistic drawing, and things pretty much took off from there. I also think that the fact that my dad paints, my mom is a professional photographer, my grandmother painted, my great uncle paints, my great aunt is an art teacher, her daughter works in special effects – I come from a long line of artists! – really kickstarted my art career in the first place. 

     2.   What kind of art is your favorite to do and why?

When in doubt, I ALWAYS draw eyes. There was one point where I took a little break and had not been drawing a lot, but it was the first thing I drew when I got back into it… It’s sort of like a comfort drawing type thing. Recently, I’ve been really into drawing sailboats. I also sometimes will paint skulls… which is not as creepy as it sounds. And also ropes; I did a series on ropes for my AP project.

     3.    Did you find it difficult to stay creative and inspired throughout the pandemic?

Honestly, I found that throughout quarantine, my art has gotten even better and I have done even more of it. In fact, in junior year, I had to buy an easel for my AP portfolio project. From there, I just kind of had an easel sitting in my room and we have art supplies all over my house; I found myself making more art than ever because it was just so accessible. If anything, I was more inspired and became more motivated to create throughout the pandemic. 

     4.     Are you hoping to pursue art in college or the future?

At the moment, yes, that is the current plan. We’ll have to see what happens, it depends on the whole college process. But right now, it’s looking like yes, I will, and I look forward to what the future holds for me! 

Here are some of Chloe’s Tips and Tricks For Artistry:

  1. Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!
  2. Keep doing it – even if you feel like you want to quit. Consistency is KEY.
  3. Be original!