Introducing Chef Heather and Her Lunch Menus

By Julia Bae, Clara Eikeboom, and Emily Lutzker

Last year, COVID-19 restrictions changed all aspects of Winsor, and dining was no exception. Socially-distanced lunches were held in the gym, dining hall, and turf fields, and when indoors, silent lunches were enforced. In an attempt to reduce transmission, all foods were individually wrapped, thus limiting the variety of meals; a typical lunch menu would contain a hot meal, a sandwich or wrap, and a salad. However, this year students enjoyed a return to the dining hall and the many options it provides, as well as the arrival of the new Culinary Director, Heather Pierce, and the creative meals she makes.

After originally planning on a teaching career, Chef Heather decided to pursue her love of food. She enjoys Indian cuisine and trying new foods. She also enjoys preparing dishes with food that is in season. At 18, she went to culinary school in California and worked as a dishwasher. Before becoming Winsor’s Culinary Director, she worked at Dana Hall, Commonwealth, and as a sous chef at Winsor. Chef Heather’s day begins at the early hour of 4:00am in the morning, when she arrives at school to do paperwork, bills, and the prep list. Chef Heather’s ideas for menus stem from documentaries and books, but also student requests. 

Overall, most students love Chef Heather’s sophisticated menus, but many are upset about the reduced dessert. Chef Heather said that numerous parents “weren’t happy with too many desserts” and, with the intricacy of her lunches as well as the fact that she has not had a full staff, she and her crew have not had time to prioritize sweets. She hopes that, once she has a full staff, she will be able to serve more dessert. Nonetheless, many students, such as Nika Bigelow ’25, are “so impressed and excited by the lunch options this year,” like Meatless Monday. We asked Chef Heather about her choice to include this event, and she told us that the goal is to see how much the school can reduce its carbon footprint over one day. Additionally, she told us that “it’s also a chance to introduce to students that there are other ways to get your protein than just animal proteins.” Chef Heather has made many improvements to Winsor’s dining experience, and we are very lucky to have her and the amazing menus she prepares.