Meet Our Faculty

By Ryan Fantasia and Jaya Kolluri

This year, Winsor has welcomed a number of new faculty members. Although some may have arrived late last spring, they are all looking forward to starting their first full year here at Winsor. Please give a warm welcome to some of the newest members of our community!

Mr. Dauphinee joins Winsor as a facility technician after serving in Afghanistan in the U.S. Army for several years. He speaks of his time in the army as “one of the best times of [his] life.” Mr. Dauphinee decided that Winsor was the right next step for him to take, and joined our community last spring, so he has grown accustomed to Winsor’s traditions and values. He especially loves how “Winsor is like one big family” to him. 

Ms. Tu, World Languages Department, returns to Winsor after teaching at Dana Hall for a year. She teaches multiple levels of Mandarin Chinese to both Upper and Lower School students. Before moving to America in 2018, she owned a school in Taiwan. Ms. Tu describes the positive experiences she had at Winsor in 2019, noting how she enjoyed the way Winsor “[embraces] collaboration, not individualism.” She mentioned specifically how she enjoyed working with Ms. Qiu and Ms. Paez. This year, she is looking forward to her role as a faculty advisor for the AsIAm affinity group. After teaching at two all-girls schools and attending a single-sex middle and high school herself, she appreciates the way these schools provide an environment in which there are “no more excuses for not being able to succeed due to gender differences.” Ms. Tu is excited to be back in the Winsor community, and she is looking forward to the rest of the school year.

Mr. Vierba, joins Winsor in the history department. Previously, he taught at Harvard University, where he specialized and lectured students in both history and writing. This summer, Mr. Vierba worked to develop two new courses at Winsor: “Reel Justice” available for Class [blank] and the “Latin American History” global studies course for the Class VII. Mr. Vierba said, “For those interested in changing this country’s trajectory, it’s important to know about its relationship with its neighbors to the south.” Mr. Vierba spent a considerable amount of time traveling in Panamá before attending university. He said he chose Panamá because it was “more heterogeneous than other countries, smaller, more liberal, and easier to learn about.” At Winsor, he enjoys how “the connection is much better; there is more time to be in class and there are more classes;; and there is more emphasis on the social and emotional aspects,” while at university, “you just go with the momentum.” Mr. Vierba is looking forward to the rest of the year. 

Despite all of the unique experiences both students and faculty have, Winsor has a strong sense of community. By having such a sense of community, we can ensure that new members feel welcomed. Along with Mr. Vierba, Ms. Tu, and Mr. Dauphinee, there are still a handful of new faculty members still new to our community, so let’s formally introduce them into our loving Winsor community.