Artist of the Issue: Audrey Cheng ’23

By Caroline Shin and Austin Forrester

You’ve likely marveled at her pomegranate paintings or M&M masterpieces in the Winsor halls. Perhaps you even follow her instagram (@aud_art_). No matter where you’ve seen her art, you’ve noticed the precision, creativity, and talent that make Audrey’s art remarkable. We sat down with Audrey to learn a bit more about her process and work!

When did you first get interested in art?

Ever since I was a kid, I really loved to draw, but thanks to Winsor art classes, I’ve developed a passion for oil painting! 

Why have you been focusing on food?

Last year in Advanced Drawing and Painting, we had an assignment to paint a still life, and I did these massive lemons that were a lot of fun. They then led to the series of pomegranates (my favorite fruit) the next semester. Other than the fruit, I’ve painted candy and am now working on a series of huge zoomed-in sushi. Painting food really zoomed-in kind of makes you rethink the structure of things, and also it’s just cool to see. The only bad thing is it makes me hungry every time I paint! 

How do you manage AP art alongside your other commitments?

At times it can feel overwhelming, but because my portfolio will include the pomegranates that I completed last year, I’m in a good spot to finish 15 pieces. It’s important to be productive during class periods (this is the only class where I really really appreciate the 75 minute blocks!) and I work for a couple hours over the weekends as well to keep the rhythm going.

What do you enjoy most about making art?

I really enjoy seeing something that I painted come to life. Art is my outlet; when I’m painting, there are moments when I get so into the tiny details of a single pomegranate seed or a tiny little highlight on the foil of a candy wrapper, that I forget about everything else going on in our busy lives. Also, I get to eat everything I take pictures of for my paintings, so that’s a definite plus. 

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my pomegranates– especially these two.