Guessing Things about Belmont Hill and Winsor

By Abby Groom and Jack Kendall

Jack Guesses Winsor Things

Ring Day: When Winsor gets their class rings and then there are 100 posts with everybody’s hands out on Instagram 

Banner Day: Your pep-rally thing where you get together and celebrate all of your sports teams. Something with Seniors.

ILE: “The International Latin Exam.”

Hemenways: “You get together and read some Ernest Hemingway.” 

LOC: A place called Learning Ocular/Of/Oxford Center 

UTL: I have no clue. “Uranus Truck Line.” Stop giving me random letters. Is it a building? 

The Connector: A street outside Winsor that leads to the Starbucks 

Greek Symposium: Recite some Homeric Greek to the entire grade 

SASS: “Student Abroad Semester.” Oh, shoot there are two S’s; in that case, what you give to your teacher when they give you too much homework.

The Lamp of Learning: I don’t know. You go study under a lamp or something. 

Giving Day: You give presents to your teachers because you are grateful for them. 

Collect: When you… I don’t know. I don’t even have a guess. You collect something? I don’t know. [Found out what it is] God forbid you name it “student government.” 

Abby guesses Belmont Things

Milk and cookies: A snack that we get because we are children. Once a week BH likes to treat us to milk and cookies for funsies. 

Woodburys: Some sort of academic competition where you read something to your grade. 

Poetry fest: A festival where all the boys recite poetry to each other. 

Turkey Drive: Drive around and take pictures of turkeys. 

The Loop: A gossip magazine.

Run a chapel: Doing a church service

Dance Party: When everyone in the school drops everything and starts dancing. 

Better-Buy Sale: Get better by doing something good. 

Facultones: A faculty workout group.