March Athlete of the Issue: Louisa Gennari ’22

By Meredith Tangney

This issue, The Banner is excited to highlight Winsor Varsity Softball player and horseback rider Louisa Gennari ’22! Below is an interview with her!

When did you start horseback riding and playing softball? 

I started horseback riding when I was seven, and I started softball when I was five. I started horseback riding because I used to do it at summer camp, and then I started taking lessons. I began playing softball in my town just for fun and then came to stick with the sport. 

What is your favorite memory from the softball team? 

In general, I really like when we’re all out on the field and talking before practices. I also really enjoyed the year we won EILs, which was the year before COVID. It’s always a good time; I love all of our memories! 

What is your favorite memory from horseback riding? 

Last year I went to a horse show in Saratoga, New York, and it was the first time that Noodle and I won a whole division together, which means that we won every class in the division, so we were the champions for that competition. 

What do you like most about being an athlete? 

I really do love the Winsor softball team because I think that it’s a lot of fun. That being said, being a captain and being one of the oldest on the team is going to be a little weird for me. However, I’ve wanted to be a senior on the softball team since eighth grade, so I’m excited for Senior Day and to have alumni players come back and watch one of our games at some point. 

Do you have any advice for younger players and riders? 

For softball, I feel like it’s a type of sport where it’s easy to join and get into it, so don’t be afraid to join the team, try new positions, and put yourself out there. I’ve made some really great friends from softball. It’s a great sport to play because it really is a team sport in the sense that everyone has to do their equal part in the game. Horseback riding is a little bit of a more difficult sport to get into, so make sure to ask your trainer for tips, other opportunities and get to know as many people as you can within the equestrian community. 

Do you think you will continue with your sports when you graduate? 

That’s a tough one. I think I’ll definitely continue riding because I have a horse, so I can’t just get rid of him. For softball, we’ll see. I’d definitely be interested in playing Division Three somewhere, but it will depend on the school. 

Thank you so much to Louisa for participating in this interview and good luck in the upcoming season!

The responses in this interview have been edited for brevity and clarity.