Midterm Election Candidates Reinforce the Importance of Young Voters

By Louisa Furman

On November 8, millions of votes will be counted for the 2022 midterm elections. The results of the races for Congress and for local positions such as governor, attorney general, and state treasurer will impact people throughout Massachusetts. The person holding each office will determine which issues are prioritized in the upcoming years. This year—with the Democrats currently holding a narrow majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives—the outcomes of these congressional elections are especially important.

The biggest race to look out for in Massachusetts is the race for governor. Maura Healey, Massachusetts’ current attorney general, is the front-runner. If she wins her race, she will not only be the first elected female governor of Massacusetts but also the first openly gay female to hold the job in the United States. In a statement provided to The Banner, Healey commented that “Everyone is impacted by who our next governor is.” She went on to mention a few ways she would influence this state, ensuring that young women would “get a high-quality education that puts them on the path to success.” Attorney General Healey also reinforced her commitment to giving young women the ability to see a doctor “whether that’s for their annual check-up, a mental health exam, or reproductive health services.” 

There will also be elections held for the House of Representatives. Ayanna Pressley is the current representative, and election front-runner, for Winsor’s district, District Seven. In an interview with The Banner, she underlined the importance of the participation of young voters: “Young people are at the forefront of every social movement.” She extended her message to all eligible voters saying, “Every young person newly eligible to vote—and every person who has not participated previously—has an opportunity to make their voice heard at the ballot box and elect leaders committed to supporting our communities and building a more just and equitable nation for everyone.” Later, Congresswoman Pressley emphasized that one of the main reasons she decided to run for Boston City Council was because she “saw that women and girls were too often excluded from policy-making conversations.” The female voice is very important to Congresswoman Pressley, and she believed that “we need leaders committed to centering the experiences of women and girls.”

There will be many important elections happening on November 8. Even some students in the Winsor community will be able to cast their votes. Sophia Gerogiannis ’23, who is about to turn 18, said that she is “planning to register” soon. And some other members of the Class of 2023 will likely be casting their vote for the elections on November 8. The choices of those Winsor students and millions of young people like them could change the course of the election.

If on November 8 you will be an at least 18 year old, non-incarcerated, resident of Massachusetts and citizen of the United States, you are eligible to vote. Register today by mail, in-person, or by scanning this QR code.