Playlist of the Issue: Optimistic October 2022

By Gigi Chu and Izzy Fan

Playlist link: 

Welcome back to POI! Here are a few of our favorite songs to kick off the start of fall!

Izzy: “Ruby Fields” – Sarah and the Sundays

This song is the perfect tune to melt into on a warm, lazy fall day. Find yourself strolling down the street with the easy strum of the guitar floating around you, watching the leaves turn from green to orange to brown. 

Gigi: “A Felicidade” – Antônio Carlos Jobim

Bossa nova always reminds me of slow fall evenings. In this song, Jobim’s silky voice blends into warm instrumentals, creating a cozy ambience for you to enjoy during this chilly season.

Special features: We are not the only ones with fall favorites: this issue, we want to celebrate the wonderful Winsor kitchen crew by learning about some of their favorite songs. As Chef Heather tells us, “music is like food, life is too short to eat the same thing all the time!”

Chef Julio: “Hotel California” – Eagles

“I’ve been listening since I was a kid and first moved to this country.”

Michael: “Time” – Pink Floyd 

“It’s a capsule song.”

Isaiah: “I Need a Girl” (Pt. 1) – Diddy, Loon, Usher

“The one with Usher.”

Dennis: “Cha Cha Slide” – DJ Casper 

“Makes me think of BBQs with family.” 

Luis: “Soy Dominicano” – Fernando Villalona

“Porque soy Dominicano.”

Bob: “No Woman No Cry” – Bob Marley 

“I grew up listening to Marley with my Dad. It’s his favorite.” 

Chef Heather: “Picture” – Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow and “Audience of One” – Rise Against


“This song reminds me of the best friends I’ve had since middle school. Even now when we get together it gets played! Plus it’s a little pop and country, both favorite genres of mine.” 

“Audience of One”:

“I love this whole album, it’s always good to have some punk rock.”