Athlete Alum Highlight: Lexi Pellegrino ’22

By Avery Harrison and Ariana Rowe

Winsor graduate Lexi Pellegrino ’22 has hit the ground running as a first year on the Brown University Field Hockey team this fall. As a former captain of the Winsor Varsity Field Hockey team, Lexi was a powerhouse on the forward line, knocking in goal after goal. It is no surprise that she is continuing to excel on the NCAA Division I field hockey field currently at the top of the Ivy League goal charts with nine goals and 21 points. As former teammates with Lexi on WVFH, we were super excited to have the opportunity to ask Lexi a few questions about her experience on Brown’s team. 

What is your favorite part of the team?

I would say that my favorite part of the team is the people. Everyone is not only nice and supportive, but also driven and determined. It is really special to be in an environment where everyone is striving to get better every day and every time we step onto the field.

What was the adjustment like competing in college?

The adjustment to competing in college was definitely difficult, but with the help of my coaches and teammates, it was made much easier. The biggest difference I noticed was the speed of play, which at first was intimidating, but I quickly adjusted during preseason.

What is your favorite memory so far?

I would say that my favorite memory so far was beating Miami Ohio in overtime. We were definitely underdogs going into that game, and I think that by winning that game we really proved ourselves, not only to other teams, but to ourselves. After that win, we knew we were capable of accomplishing some great things this season.

Since you are frequently traveling for competitions, what do you like to do on the bus or plane?

My favorite bus/plane activity is definitely playing on my Nintendo switch. I have gotten the whole team and even coaches playing Mario Kart and Just Dance, which has been so much fun. We’ve made some great memories!

What’s your proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment so far this season was being elected the offensive player of the week in the Ivy League. That was a really special moment for me because it really helped me understand that all of my hard work was paying off and showed me what I was capable of. 

We thank Lexi for taking the time to answer our questions and wish her the best of luck the rest of her season! Go Bears!

The responses in this interview have been edited for brevity and clarity.