Cross Country Season 2022

Serena Toscani, Caitlin Wang, and Christina Gabrieli

Cross Country at Winsor requires grit, hard work, and dedication. The Banner caught up with the Cross Country team to see what they have been up to, and what the season ahead looks like for them.

So far, the team has raced a total of five meets, all with very successful results. The team kicked off the season with a couple of first place finishes against both Pingree and Bancroft. In addition, at races against other competitive schools, such as Canterbury and Northfield Mount Hermon, the team has placed in the top three.

When asked about how the team was feeling about the season this year, Captain Raina Sohur ’23 said, “The cross country season is in full swing, and it is so brilliant to have a full roster this year. We have kept our undefeated status in the Eastern Independent League (EIL) league, and we’ve also had a lot of time to bond. Two ingredients for a great season!”

In terms of goals for the team, Assistant Coach Distelrath thinks that “performance wise, it would be great if we could just work on gaps between our JV and our Varsity. We have a lot of depth, but just closing the gaps between everybody on the team would help a lot. In addition, performing well at NEPSTAS and EILS is one of our top priorities.” Team member Jacey Jiang ’25 agreed, hoping to “win lots of meets, win EILS, and do well at NEPSTAS.”

While performance on the course is highly crucial, so is the bond between the members of the team and the coaches. The Banner asked members of the Cross Country team what their favorite part of the team dynamic was. Assistant Coach Distelrath said, “My favorite part of the team dynamic is just how positive everybody is with each other. I feel like everyone is also very supportive and just encourages everyone to do their best. Not all teams are like that, so this cross country team is very special.” Raina said, “My favorite part of the team dynamic is the joy. Many of us on the team, myself included, think of ourselves primarily as students, which can be overwhelming.” She added, “Coming together with a diverse group of peers outside of a classroom setting brings out the best in everyone. We also have the best aux at every meet, just for the record.” Jacey said, “I love how supporting everyone is, and it’s a super fun group.”

As members of the team have previously mentioned, the Cross Country team is looking forward to competing in EILS and NEPSTAS. EILS will be taking place at the Franklin Park Playstead on November 4, and NEPSTAS will be at St. Paul’s School on November 12. The Winsor community is excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for the team, and The Banner wishes them the best of luck!