A Glance towards the Winter Sports Season

By Suzanne Pogorelec

Winsor athletics have been off to a great start this school year with many accomplishments for various fall sports teams. For instance, Winsor Crew recently competed in the prestigious Head of the Charles and finished eighth in the Women’s Youth 4+ competition and top half in the Women’s Youth 8+ race. Winsor Cross Country has also had some exciting performances; the team edged out Pingree by one point in their Franklin Park showdown against some of the top Eastern Independent League (EIL) schools. There have been many other noteworthy achievements this fall, but as this season winds down, The Banner is now looking ahead to the winter season. 

Since it is famously known for being the longest and coldest season, there is a common misconception that the winter season is the most dreaded sports season of all. In fact, flashbacks from Class II P.E. may have you remembering the teeth-shivering walk back from the Simmons pools after your favorite swim unit. However, after interviewing members of the Winsor community, the winter sports season seems highly anticipated, not feared, by athletes planning on competing in these next few months. Many are excited for the chance to get back into their sport, reconnect with old teammates, and meet students from other classes. When asked about the winter season, Alicia Wu ’24 said, “I love Winsor Swim. It’s a great team environment and people are always cheering for each other at meets. It’s a great space for self improvement and team bonding. I’m excited to get some new personal bests and meet new team members.” Chrissy Mayer ’28, a member of the squash team, also said, “I’m excited for the opportunity to be able to practice and get better at [squash]. I’m also excited to play matches to better understand [the game].” Besides reuniting with former teammates and learning more about their respective sports, athletes are eager to return to a season unrestricted by COVID-19. Caroline Shin ’23, a senior in the Varsity basketball program, is thrilled “to have one of our first seasons back in full capacity after [the pandemic].” She added, “It’s going to be a really great year to start building the team.”

While traditionally the winter sports season encompasses swim, squash, ice hockey, and basketball, there are also Winsor community members who are enthusiastic about using their fitness requirement (two 40-minute sessions in the fitness center per week) as a building block for the spring season. A motivated Iris Shen ’26 said, “I want to start lifting and I think that the time in the winter will allow me to spend time in the fitness room.” Winsor students are excited to use the winter season to grow as athletes, and we are eager to see their performances and progress come spring!