Cheer Trouble

By Audrey Copeman

As the fall semester presses on, there is only one thing keeping people going: the showdown of the year, UTL cheers. Everyone trickles in, waiting to show the entire school the cheer and chant they’ve worked so hard on since the start of the year. It’s finally time for the whispers in the hall to become a reality. 

This year’s Lower School cheers were decidedly adorable. You’ve got the Class I’s with their homemade signs and their full-of-life, 10-year-old energy. Class II’s had a mesmerizing performance full of flips and cheers across the gym floor. Class III’s built off of the II’s performance and ended the cheer with a big chant! Then, the excitement begins to bubble as the Class IV’s are allowed to use music for the first time in their cheer. The IVs are always sure to make the best use of their privilege, and this year was no exception. The IV’s used a variety of fun relevant pop songs that added a lot of excitement to the cheer. 

As the cheers quickly move onto Upper School, the air becomes more competitive. In Winsor’s history, freshmen and sophomores have never won the cheer, so every year both classes hope to make history. Tensions between juniors and seniors rise to new levels, and both classes begin the mental battle of psyching the other one out. While juniors took the win this year, I think we all know what stole the show: Mr. Griffin’s audiobook voiceover. Also, Senior Small had a guest appearance in the beginning. Nice job, seniors. 

To finish this article with a cheesy saying, I think everyone was a winner at UTL. Everyone worked hard to put together a two-minute routine. Only 348 days until UTL 2024!