Rating Off-Campus Foods

By Caitlin Wang, Christina Gabrieli, and Serena Toscani

Around the Longwood Medical Area, there are many off-campus food options for students to choose from after earning their off-campus privileges in Upper School upon completion of their Class V project. Taking into consideration food quality, price, and customer service, The Banner settled on the overall winner.

Often considered the most convenient restaurant for Winsor students due to its location right outside the athletic fields, Bruegger’s Bagels has a wide variety of bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and more. Jacey Jiang ‘25 shared her thoughts on the bagel shop: “I love Bruegger’s because whenever I don’t get the chance to eat breakfast at home, I can run over and get a delicious egg sausage and cheese breakfast bagel. I love their blueberry bagels and cinnamon sugar bagels. They have reasonable prices and really nice staff, they once gave me a free bottle of coke!” Our final ratings for Bruegger’s Bagels are 8/10 for food, 9/10 for the price, and 9/10 for the customer service.

With its many choices for salads and assorted bowls, Sweetgreen is a popular spot among Winsor students. We ordered a chicken pesto parm warm bowl, and it tasted amazing! However, due to its high prices (nearly $13!) and judgment received from the employee when requesting no sauce, points had to be deducted from a couple categories. Ultimately, we gave the food an 8/10, the price a 2/10, and the customer service a 3/10. Sweetgreen may be delicious, but it is definitely pricey.

Caffe Nero is most known for its high-quality Italian coffee, as well as its delicious selection of paninis and pastries. We ordered an iced latte and a caprese baguette sandwich. The food was scrumptious, and the employees were very kind! However, the prices were a little bit high ($10 for the sandwich and nearly $6 for the latte). We rated the food an 8/10, the price a 6.5/10, and the customer service a 7/10. The mix of tasty food and cozy atmosphere makes Caffe Nero a superb place for Winsor students to take a break. 

After reviewing the ratings of the off-campus food places, Bruegger’s was ranked the highest, barely beating its closest competitor Caffe Nero by half of a point. Consider stopping by Bruegger’s to enjoy one of their delicious bagels before class one morning!