Sibling Shenanigans… Winsor @ Roxbury Latin’s Family Day

By Natalie Pan

Many people have older brothers, but not many can say their brother is 241 years older than they are. That’s right—Winsor is not like other girls… schools. Although we frequently share events with Belmont Hill, our other brother school, Roxbury Latin (RL), is not to be forgotten. Over Halloweekend, several Winsor students visited West Roxbury to cheer on RL’s sports teams as they competed on Family Day, their version of Homecoming. I was one of the lucky spectators, and I am excited to recount my riveting experience at “The Foxden.” 

My friends and I arrived at 2:30 p.m., snagging one of the last cushy parking spots on one of RL’s grass fields. My self-perception as a “cool older sister” was quickly ruined when my brother, whom we had driven, hurried away from us immediately to find his freshman friends. But no matter—we made our way over to the soccer field to watch the Varsity Soccer team. As someone with limited soccer experience, I had many questions, such as, but not limited to, “Why does the goalie keep yelling?” and “Why are the nets so large?” I also engaged in a respectful debate with my friends about whether the time was kept in “segments” (obviously wrong), “periods” (my thoughtful answer), or “halves” (allegedly, the correct answer).  

Next, we decided to cheer on the Varsity Cross Country team. The only problem? We had no idea where the race was. Luckily, some RL students, in true brotherly spirit, offered to guide us. By cutting through a building and climbing a few hills, we finally made it to the middle of nowhere on RL’s vast campus. However, much to my chagrin (and shock), the runners did not stay in the same place for the whole time. Thus, as soon as the race started, we were burdened with the responsibility of moving around to different vantage points.

After witnessing a strong performance from the cross country “harriers,” we tenacious travelers decided to stop by the football game. When we got there, Varsity Football was already in a large score deficit, but that did not stop the team from playing an exciting game for their many fans. One fan, in particular, stood out; dressed in a Spider-Man costume, this bold student truly defined spirit. 

Overall, RL’s Family Day was an excellent opportunity for me to learn the rules of mainstream sports, soak in vitamin D, and embarrass my brother on his home turf. I look forward to attending more events at our beloved brother school this year. If you wish to stay tuned for more sibling shenanigans, you won’t have to wait long: several RL students will be attending SLAMP! #ad