Spirit Week Fun

By Stella MacLean and Nika Bigelow

As we move on from arguably the best week of the year at the Winsor School, Spirit Week, we think it’s important to remember some of the highlights. 

Monday started the week off with a bang. Creativity was everywhere with the 20s theme. The 1620s meant everything from pilgrims to the bubonic plague doctors strolling the halls. For the 1920s, the iconic Roaring 20s, students donned flapper dresses and multi-piece suits, and others made some excellent references to The Great Gatsby. That brought us back to sophomore year English class… an ordeal some of us are still living through. Finally, 2020 brought us some hilarious COVID and Zoom references like blazers with pajama pants or Comfies. 

Tuesday brought Winsor students back to our roots with a comfy casual look that most of us rep every day. Adam Sandler doppelgängers flooded the hallways with people in long basketball shorts and oversized t-shirts with the occasional Happy Gilmore golfer or other iconic Sandler character reference in the mix. Mr. Mirelman impressed everyone with renditions of Sandler’s Chanukah song.

Wedding Wednesday took us to Vegas with bachelorette parties galore. Flower girl was another popular costume, while couples in their finest white dresses and suits also abounded. Ms. Parsley’s costume was perfection with a blow-up alien wedding band taped onto her while Mr. Johnson slayed as the Corpse Bride with blue face paint, a blue wig, and a stunning wedding dress.

On Thursday, things got a little spicier with some Panther-Jaguar competition. This day was based on the beloved Teen Beach Movie and Panthers represented surfers with wet suits, bikinis over clothes, Hawaiian shirts, and all things beachy. We were reminded of how much we miss summer. Jaguars took the term biker in two different directions: some bikers were in leather jackets and aviator sunglasses while others looked ready to hit the mountain trails. Ariana Rowe ’24 commented, “I loved how this theme brought out some competition and lots of school spirit!” 

Friday was a tried-and-true Red Day: giant red Teletubbies, dinosaurs, crayons, you name it. As long as it’s red, it’s fair game. Mr. Constant and Mr. Vierba stood out with matching red and white pants. The whole week built to Friday afternoon: the fantastic pep rally and UTL! Each grade’s cheer was spirited and the juniors created a stir when they took the dub for Upper School cheers. Last but not least, congratulations to all volleyball, soccer, and field hockey athletes who competed under the lights on Friday night!